April Minutes

1. Shared financial report from end of March with group.

2. AJ Byrd attended with MoDot looking for 10 volunteers for the I-Build. He addressed the group.

3. We discussed the LLC update. Phil Shoemaker and I told the group that we were going to stay under the Builders Association umbrella unless future developments require otherwise.

4. We told the group that we have had a significant increase in membership over the past few months, but without Tom's numbers, did not give total. We will address next month.

5. Website - I asked the group to make a motion to approve $200.00 funding for internet website. Motion was made and carried. By the way Tom, the group likes the new website.

6. We discussed changing dues for interim year new members. While the discussion was interesting, the group agreed we could change the format to another system. While the group did not like yearly pro-rata reduction by month, they did like a full year half year reduction.

7. I told them about job openings. We will also send out to e-mail listing.

8. Told group about Memorial day OSHA event - April 18, 2014

9. Told group that next Tuesday April 8, we are going to Warrensburg for scholarships.

10. Told group about golf tournament September 5, 2014 at Shoal Creek

11. Mr. Denning and Brad Russell gave presentation on claims investigation and response. The presentation was very well received.

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