May 2014 Minutes

Parking – We apologize for the inconvenient parking situation caused by construction work at Builders today.

Budget Update – Dave Ezell gave an update on the CSG Budget Website Update – CSG Now has a website!

Scholarship Update – CSG has awarded $5000 to 7 deserving students at UCM. 3 candidates received $1000 each and the remaining received $500 each

Job Opportunities – Several job opportunities have come up recently. I have listed them on the new website

Golf Tournament - The Golf Tournament committee met today after the regular meeting. More info on the golf tournament to come soon!

Active Shooter – Our main speaker this month was Officer Stosberg of the Missouri Highway Patrol who gave a presentation on “Active Shooter” In short he recommends having an emergency action plan for this event added to your company policies and gave advice on how to react and plan for such an event. A full copy of his presentation can be found HERE.

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