June 2014 Minutes

Budget Update by Dave Ezell

  • Scholarships of $5000 – to include Pitt next year

  • CSG plans to stay under Builder’s umbrella

  • Golf Tournament – Sign up today! (see enclosures)

  • Tournament date: Friday Sept 5

  • Still looking for sponsorships

  • New Day for Meetings – CSG is considering moving from Wednesdays to Thursdays. Please contact Chuck if you have an opinion on this

  • MAIN SPEAKER - OSHA update by Todd Sieleman

  • No Dodge Inspection Program currently

  • Strategic plan – stronger enforcement & more worker protection

  • Rule making process review

  • New standards – Crane & Derricks, GHS, Power Line Construction

  • Standards Improvement Project

  • Proposed standards – May or may not pass

  • E-filing of 300 logs

  • I2P2

  • 11(c) Whistleblower protection

*** A copy of the powerpoint from Todd's OSHA presentation can be found here.

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