Nov 2014 Meeting Minutes

  • Introductions of new President – Dave Ezell, new Vice President – Tom Ruzicka, and new Secretary – Sharon Mount.

  • Chuck Rutledge thanked for his leadership work with CSG with a gift card to Smoke and Fire.

  • The December meeting will be our annual Christmas/Holiday lunch at Cascone’s.

  • There are slots available for speakers for 2015 meetings. If you have any ideas or want to make a presentation yourself, let us know. Meetings for 2015 will include the following:

  • A winner of the Builders’ Association Safety Professional of the Year will discuss what achievements earned them the award

  • A certified industrial hygienist will discuss silica

  • Speakers from the University of Central Missouri and Pittsburg State University will discuss ways the CSG and the schools can work together

  • There will continue to be a couple of joint meetings with our local ASSE chapter – including an OSHA update

  • Another mid-year social/networking event will be held at The Well in Waldo

  • A discussion took place regarding the availability of a members only section on the CSG website so that members will have access to contact information for other members. This will be looked into. No member contact information will be released without the member’s approval.

  • The goal for next year’s scholarship golf tournament is 160-200 golfers.

  • The National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) conducts an annual Block Kids event with the objective of engaging elementary school children (grades 1-6) in thinking and reasoning skills used by people in the design and construction professions to introduce them to design and construction as possible career paths. The Kansas City Chapter of NAWIC represents 8 chapters and the winners of the chapters contests are submitted to a team to pick a regional winner. The Regional winning entry will be sent on to determine a National winner. Volunteers are needed to help chose the Regional entry to send to Nationals. Choosing the regional entry will take place the week of February 15th and will more than likely be done during a “working” lunch. If you are interested in helping choose the entry for Nationals, please contact Sharon Mount at

  • Main Speaker – Chuck Rutledge of Faith Technologies did a presentation on essential safety training focusing on hands-on realistic training provided by Faith Technologies. A tour of the training facilities available at Faith Technologies was also provided.

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