March 2017 Meeting Minutes

President Sharon Mount opened the meeting and thanked all those in attendance.

  • An OSHA representative spoke at the OSHA 502 class Sharon was attending this week. According to the representative, any new standard (i.e. recordkeeping, silica) is considered on “pause” right now. Although OSHA is moving forward as if the standards will be effective on the dates announced, it was explained the new administration has 90 days to review a standard. At the end of those 90 days, the administration can request an extension for further review, pushing back the effective date of the standards. The standards cannot be reversed without going through a formal rule-making process to be revoked.

  • The 2017 Workers Memorial Day Event will be held at the Builders Association Education and Training Center on Friday, April 28, 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon. This event is free but you must RSVP for reservations. You can RSVP by contacting Christi Gibbs at 816-483-9531 or

  • Shelly Pizzi, CIH, provided a fantastic presentation on the new Silica standard. She also provided numerous resources for our members to assist with compliance.

  • A representative from Hilti (Erik Nelson – attended the meeting. Hilti has solutions and training available for compliance with the new silica standard.

  • A representative from DeWalt (Jenna Rhodes – attended the meeting. DeWalt has solutions available for compliance with the new silica standard.

HANDOUTS (each document hyperlinked, click on name to recieve document):

- Silica Powerpoint

- Objective Data Table

- Table 1

- Silica Exposure Control Plan Template 2

- Representative Sample Scorecard

- Laborer's Flowchart

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