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January 2019 Minutes

CSG Meeting

Builder’s Association Training Center

Jan. 3, 2019

In Attendance:

Chuck Rutledge , Dave Ezell, Jake Connor, Kyle Lang, Matt Wasowicz, Tom Ruzicka, Steve Ratliff,

Peter Newhouse, Brian Murry, Jim Kahlfeldt, Phil Shoemaker, John Kingsley, Jeff Ohmer, Larry Curtis, Kelsey Smith, Karen Kono

Guest Speakers: Penny Lorenz and Chad, ThinkFirst MO

Opening Discussion:

  • Crosby Open House on Jan. 15. Link is on the website already.

  • Safety Olympics, week of April 17, Pitt State and other schools…

  • this is second year.

  • Teams compete in safety categories. Growing. Now pulling in TX and OK schools. Then moving north. Trying to make this nationwide.

  • Looking for sponsorships.

  • Pitt State is hosting again this year. Pat Flynn would like to speak to this group about it. Also a construction expo going on that week.

  • Phil Shoemaker is the new liaison between ASSP and the schools.

  • Discussion re: CSG donation to this Olympics. Feedback from students who participated said it was a great experience, per Chuck Rutledge. Phil Shoemaker gave good feedback as well. Helps the students and the schools because they can identify strengths and weaknesses. Chuck Rutledge moved to donate $500. Dave Ezell moved to donate $1,000. Jim Kahlfeldt seconded the $1,000 motion. All in favor, none opposed, motion approved.

  • KU is going to be starting a safety program. Not much info available yet.

  • Builder’s gave us a full page ad in their brochure for Midwest Construction Safety Conference (MCSC). Booths sold out. Still sponsorships available. 158 people signed up already.

  • Susan Harwood Grant -per Phil, KC AGC got the grant for 2 days of 8 hour training. Anyone can attend. 15 OSHA area reps signed up. 2 full days prior to the MCSC.

  • No meeting in March. Will do some sort of event at the social at MCSC. Encourage all to attend the conference. If unable to attend, may attend the social anyway.

  • Roundtable discussion for Feb meeting at MarkOne.

  • Any suggestions on topics or speakers? None

MO ThinkFirst Presentation

  • Most of the presentations are in schools, but also worksites

  • Funded by MODOT. Highway safety focused

  • Use your mind to protect your body

  • First Impact- program for new young drivers. Anyone can host it and they will come in and teach about the Graduated Driver’s License. (GDL). Kids and parents can attend.

Next Meeting: Feb. 7 at Mark One Electric, 11:30am

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