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October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Updates: - Looking for a recording secretary for 2020 o 3 year term o Rec Sec > Vice President > President o May nominate yourself or someone else - Membership year will change to calendar year in 2020 o Renewal notices will be sent by Nov. 1, due by Dec. 31 o May prepay lunches with membership payment - Added an option to pay for lunches by the month w/credit card o Call in credit card info to Connie Kapfer at Builder’s Association o Still preferred that you prepay if using a credit card - Financials: o $24,469 current balance - Golf Tournament Report: o proceeds have not been finalized yet o Estimated ~ $11,300 o Record breaking 144 golfers o Had to turn two people away

…………………………………………………………………………………… Presentation: OSHA Update – Karena Lorek, OSHA Area Director - See attached Powerpoint presentation (Click for link)

- Karena is working on converting the video to a version that is suitable to send via email. Will add that to minutes when available.


Recordkeeping – lots of bugs on electronic reporting in the first year. Will still be required. Problems when the government shut down. Does it all have to go in at once or can employers go back in within 30 days to amend/add info? Check for guidance

Drones: we have one in our region. We have a compliance officer slicensed to fly the drone. Someone in the regional office manages the program. Haven’t used it yet. Just got it. Same rules apply as any other inspections. Must have a reason to use it, enter the jobsite, etc. OSHA has to request permission to utilize the drone.

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